About us..?

I started this site for the love of all animals, and care for six cats from the same litter that has brought me much joy and excitement.

Even though I am able to afford caring for my own pets, and their trips to the vet more often than I would like, I still feel they are more than worth it and still cheaper than the alternative.

I have seen and helped out other people while sitting in the animal clinic those people shocked to find out that their pet bill is much more than what they could afford and had to make heart wrenching decisions to put down a member of the family because they couldn't afford the vet bill.

This is why I started this service and hoping we can help as many people we can, and to ensure pets are not being used just to raise money for self use, this is why all funds donated are sent directly to the Veterinary for use of each pet money is donated for.
How it works?

We setup everything for you for Free and you only pay 5% of the total donations collected less also the credit card fees that are around 2.9% charged by our payment processor.

You can run your campaign for 28 days and if you require more time to raise your fund goal, we will assess your request at that time, only allowing to go longer if you have reached 80% of your goal amount.

We will make every effort to help promote getting you donations by posting on social media, but the largest donations made are from your promotion to your friends and family who makeup the bulk of your donors.

If you are unable to reach your goal, we still send what is donated to the Veterinary Clinic you have listed, whereby you will have a credit to your account with them.

If you decide not to do that you can direct us to donate the funds to another campaign, only listed on our service.

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